Invest in Mongolia Seoul-2021

Mongolia-Korea Business Forum

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia | 23 June 2021
13:00pm – 16:00pm (ULAT) | 14:00pm – 17:00 pm (KST) 



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  • Background


    The National Development Agency of Government of Mongolia is a Government regulatory agency which has the mandate on foreign direct investment policy and coordination. We are committed to attracting foreign investment to Mongolia through innovative promotion approaches and are also mandated to protect investors’ rights and offer them value added and custom-tailored services.

    Under the Prime Minister’s leadership, the Government of Mongolia has started a reform in improving business and investment environment in Mongolia. The reform includes enabling legal environment for investment, investment support and protection, e-services for investors during the pandemic, and identifying more ways of collaboration with the private sector. "Invest in Mongolia - Seoul 2021" will be the first business forum  since the reform has been introduced. It will be an event where private sector executives and senior business leaders from Korean and Mongolian companies convene and meet Mongolia’s emerging entrepreneurs and their ideas.  

    The main objective of the "Invest in Mongolia - Seoul 2021" is to expand economic cooperation between Mongolia and Korea by identifying areas where our interest can overlap. As an investor, you will obtain latest information on Mongolia's investment and business climate, hear from fellow Korean investors in Mongolia and will be exposed to Mongolia’s new and dynamic business opportunities.


    • Inform potential investors and current business operators on Mongolia’s reform on improving investment and business environment in Mongolia, speficially on investor protection and legal reform;

    • Identify further investment opportunities between the two countries, help investors with their decisionmaking by hearing from current Korean investors in Mongolia on their lessons and achievements;

    • Introduce Mongolia’s new and rising industries through tailored projects seeking investment. Four projects will be showcased, all of which have been handpicked by going through 2-stage intensive selection process;

    Focus Sector

    Non-mining sector (agrculture, IT& creative industry,renewable energy and organic production and health)

    Why attend?

    The upcoming event will bring together key players and wide range of stakeholders in investment including government delegations that frame legal investment environment, representatives from private entities.

    Participating in "Invest in Mongolia - Seoul 2021" will let you accurately assess how you could reap the rewards of Mongolia’s growth in the post-pandemic climate. Whether you are seeking new and exciting investment opportunities, or in pursuit of investment for your projects, the event is ideal chance to meet, and network with Mongolian business and government community.

  • Invest in Mongolia Newsletter

  • Country brief


    Mongolian country brief includes facts about the land, people, government, economy and investment opportunities


    몽골 국가 개요에는 토지, 사람, 정부, 경제 및 투자 기회에 대한 사실이 포함됩니다.

  • Potential Projects

    참가자들은 몽골의 신산업 및 부상산업에 대한 간략한 정보를 얻을 수 있으며, 행사 종료 후에 세부적인 유망 프로젝트 리스트 등을 받을 수 있다.

    Potential Projects

    For the Mongolia-Korea Business Forum, we are presenting 9 potential projects that have been selected for the Project Capacity Building Program and are able to attract investment in the information technology, software, light industry, health, agriculture, and renewable energy sectors.

    More information
    Download Pitchbook English
  • Participation


    The event will be attended by representatives of the Governments of Korea and Mongolia. The Mongolian side will be represented by companies seeking investment, the Korean side will be represented by investors and companies, and other stakeholders.


    Attend From Your Home or Office. Given travel and group meeting constraints due to COVID-19, we will be virtualizing "Invest in Mongolia-Seoul 2021" on 23 June 2021.

    If you are already registered to the forum, we will send you the zoom link and zoom instructions and other related materials to your registered mail address.

    Facebook live stream:
    National Development Agency You will have access to all sessions offered – recorded live as well as access to other attendees via the conference social platforms.



    23 June 2021
    TIME: 1pm – 4:00 pm Ulaanbaatar Standard Time I 2pm – 5:00 pm Korean Standard Time


    Mongolian/Korean simultaneous translation


    For questions & RSVP, please contact:,

    Download Forum Presentation

    Download Presentation


13:00-13:20 Congratulatory remarks

National Development Agency
Chairman Kh.Batjargal

Embassy of Mongolia to the Republic of Korea
N, Erdenetuya, Ambassador

“Invest in Mongolia” Promotion video, National Development Agency 

Congratulatory remarks /continued/

Korea Trade - Investment Promotion Agency (Jeoung- Yeol Yu, President, KOTRA)

International Finance Cooperation, World bank (Paramita Dasgupta, Manager, EAP Advisory Services IFC)

13:20-13:35 Presentation

“Investment reform and

opportunities in Mongolia”

(B.Bulganchimeg, Deputy Chairperson, National Development Agency Government of Mongolia)

13:35 -13:50 Keynote Speech

“Guide on Investment and Doing Business in Mongolia”

(Won-Joon Jung, Director, Korea Trade - Investment Promotion Agency /KOTRA/ Ulaanbaatar)

13:50-14:00 Presentation

“Accession of Mongolia to APTA and Check Points”
(Ph.D Min-Hyeon Jeong, Associate Research Fellow, Russia-Eurasia team, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, KIEP)

14:00-14:10 Congratulatory remarks

D.Unurbolor, Member of the State Great Hural, Vice chair of the Mongolia- Republic of Korea parliamentary group

14:10-14:40 Recognition of successful Korean investment to Mongolia & Q&A Session

Recognition of successful Korean investment to Mongolia

-E-mart (Seok-Joon Yoon, Representative in Mongolia)

-Ilsung Construction (Jun-Yeol Ryu, Representative in Mongolia

-Mongolian International University (Hon.Dr. Kwon Oh Moon, President, MIU)

15:20-15:45 II session: Mega projects:

-MONGOLIAN WOOL AND CASHMERE ASSOCIATION (Head of the Certification Body, B.Bayasgalan)

-CONSTRUCTION OF CENTRALIZED HAZARDOUS WASTE FACILITY PROJECT (Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Department of Environment and Natural Resources Management, Officer A.Oyun)


15:45-15:55 Q&A Session

15:55-16:00 Closing remarks

National Development Agency B.Bulganchimeg, Deputy Chairperson

Speakers and moderators

Chairperson, NDA Mongolia
Member of the State Great Hural , Vice chair of the Mongolia- Republic of Korea parliamentary group
Yu Jeoung Yeol,President
Korea Trade - Investment Promotion Agency /KOTRA/
N.Erdenetuya, Ambassador
Embassy of Mongolia to the Republic of Korea
Deputy Chairperson, NDA Mongolia
Mrs.Paramita Dasguptag
Creating Markets EAP Regional Advisory Service Manager IFC
Won-Joon Jung, Director
Korea Trade - Investment Promotion Agency /KOTRA/ Ulaanbaatar
Head of the Certification Body, B.Bayasgalan
Minhyeon Jeong Ph.D.
Associate Research Fellow, Russia and Eurasia Team Korea Institute for International Economic Policy
Hon.Dr. Kwon Oh Moon, President
Mongolian International University
Officer, A.Oyun
HAZARDOUS WASTE TREATMENT FACILITY PROJECT (Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism, Department of Environment and Natural Resources Management)
Jun-Yeol Ryu, Representative in Mongolia
Ilsung Construction
Seok-Joon Yoon, Representative in Mongolia

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